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Our History

An ongoing journey

An unexplored path

It's 1997, and in Italy, terms like “globalization” and “localization” still aren't being widely discussed by people outside of the industry. The world of translation is changing as a result of the technology boom. Although still rudimentary, CAT tools can no longer be overlooked by translators, and are becoming the new norm across the world. Some see change as a threat, others as an opportunity. Maurizia is definitely part of the latter group. Along with her partners, she saw the potential of this technological revolution and decided to establish a localization agency in her small town of Novi Ligure, in the Italian region of Basso Piemonte. Inspired by the place she was born and raised, she decided to call her company “Novilinguists”, a name that encompasses the company's spirit, vision, and dream: making communication global.

A doorway to somewhere far away

It was an uphill battle to start with. The first jobs were difficult, and there were lots of problems to tackle. But our desire to succeed was great, and from our tiny office with just four desks in it, we continued to work hard and dream big. In time, we gained the trust of more and more clients, the work increased and, as a result, our staff did too. After around ten years, the office in Novi Ligure began to feel a bit too small for both our staff and our ambitions. It was time for something new: moving the company to a big city. It wasn't an easy decision. For some of us, it meant a complete upheaval, and more or less starting a new life. For others, it meant long train journeys, with all the problems that go along with commuting. We all made sacrifices along the way, but ultimately, no one wanted to sacrifice their place in the company. In 2008, Novilinguists moved to Genoa.

We continue on our journey here, together

Genoa has always been an important commercial hub for Italy and for Europe, and is an historic meeting place for different cultures. The city is like the sea that laps at its shores: solid and proud, hard at work, able to ride the storm and get up again when it's been knocked down. It is this spirit that has guided us through economic crises, fluctuations in workflow, internal upheavals, and personal tensions. It is what has driven us onward, with unending enthusiasm, never forgetting our beginnings. Our true strength is our team; We work in an informal environment in which every individual is free to be who they are, and is respected for it. We support each other when times are tough and we all work together to achieve the same goal: to continue to grow our company and help you grow yours.



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