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Areas of Expertise

Custom quality content in any field

Until the end of last century, localization was used by IT companies as a way of entering new markets. After the technology boom, more and more companies began to integrate digital components or software into their products, so localization gradually grew in popularity in other fields. Nowadays, almost any company can benefit from localization, and it is no longer limited to the IT elements.

We have been working in translation since 1997, and seen the industry change in real time. We started out translating software-related content, but over the years we expanded our expertise to many other industries. We are now experts in localizing content for various fields and topics, including:

  • Information Technology
    Software and hardware (apps for mobile devices, wearables, and other IoT products), customer support content
  • Marketing
    Press releases, websites, digital and print advertising campaigns, social media content 
  • Pharmaceutical
    EMA content, summary of product characteristics (SmPC) documents, clinical trial protocol documentation
  • Medical Devices
    User manuals, instructions for use, user interfaces for devices, and specialist software
  • Human Resources
    Mobile and web apps, CRM, SAP, ERP, e-learning courses for employees and suppliers, code of conduct documents
  • Legal
    Contracts, privacy and cookie notices, business agreements, legal or notarized documents, affidavits
  • Technical and Automotive
    Operator's manuals, instructions for use, user interfaces for specialist tools and software, solutions for Industry 4.0
  • Video Games
    User interface, subtitles, promotional content, packaging
  • Tourism
    Websites, brochures, travel blogs, travel management and booking software


If you work in a different industry, we would be happy to become experts in that one too! With your knowledge and feedback to guide us, we can learn to meet and exceed all your expectations.

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