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Transcription, Subtitling, and Voiceover

Today there's a growing need for videos with subtitles in content marketing. Although this usually requires a higher budget, it offers a greater return on investment than text-based content alone. It is also a very useful way of learning and sharing knowledge. Who hasn't searched for a how-to video online? There are many advantages to including videos in your marketing strategy. To give just a few examples, they allow you to:

  • Show a product's characteristics in a practical context.
  • Engage the end user in a more interesting and personalized way.
  • Improve brand awareness.

To be successful and have good reach, marketing videos must be understandable to a global audience. To help you achieve this goal, we can offer you two services:

  • Transcription and subtitling. After your video's script has been transcribed and translated, we use functional testing to check that the localized subtitles are readable and synchronized with the images.
  • Voiceover. Once the video's script has been transcribed and localized, we select the voice actor with the most suitable voice for your audience to record the audio in one of our partner's studios.

If your marketing strategy also includes podcasts or other types of audio content, we can offer you a professional or semi-professional recording service, based on your desired level of quality.


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