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Editing and Quality Assurance

Our workflows always involve both editing and quality assurance, two areas where we really shine. There are often many obstacles to overcome during the localization process. Even a short sentence can have linguistic, cultural, technical, and/or legal problems, and these can be tricky to resolve.

This is why we don't rely on a single linguist for a high-quality translation, no matter how much they are skilled. We always ensure that the text is:

  • Clearly written and error free.
  • Consistent in terminology, spelling, and layout.
  • Grammatically correct.
  • Compliant with client instructions and industry standards.
  • Idiomatic, clear, and easy for the target audience to understand.

To avoid any quality issues, it is always best to entrust the editing to a linguist with a lot of industry experience.


How do we ensure the quality of translated ontent?

In our standard workflow, all projects are reviewed and proofread by a second native linguist. But if your content has already been translated by someone else, that doesn't mean we can't work together. If you want to be sure your content has been accurately translated, we provide a standalone editing service, which offers you an impartial and professional opinion on the translation quality. We will also correct any errors we spot, if needed. This service gives you the peace of mind that your translated content is perfect in every way.


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