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Machine Translation Post-Editing

What are the benefits of machine translation post‑editing?

The advent of new “deep learning” engines was a huge step forward in the quality of machine translation. This doesn't mean that human translators have become obsolete, though. Quite the opposite! Human involvement is crucial both for training the engines and ensuring output is accurate and idiomatic. The human editing stage helps ensure that the output is:

  • Clearly written and error free.
  • Consistent in terminology, spelling, and layout.
  • Grammatically correct.
  • Compliant with client instructions and industry standards.
  • Clear and comprehensible for the target audience.

This step is very similar to quality assurance and is known as machine translation post‑editing. It allows us to:

Both are key factors for companies that need to translate large volumes in short timeframes, while keeping costs low.


How can we help you maximize your investment?

We have been closely following technological advances in this area since the very early days. We use our wealth of experience to offer a comprehensive consultation service to businesses that use machine translation, whether they use third-party engines or their own.

You can trust us to:

  • Ensure your documents are written with precision and suitable for use with machine translation.
  • Evaluate the engine's output, identifying frequent errors and suggesting solutions.
  • Provide advice on whether or not to use machine translation for your multimedia content, based on the output.
  • Carry out post‑editing on the raw output to ensure it meets your required quality standards.

We can help you maximize your investment in automated translation.


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