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CAT Tools

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Computer-assisted translation tools (or CAT tools) are software programs that have become an industry standard in localization. In order to generate their final product, there's an essential bit of technology that CAT tools need that some people consider outdated: human creativity. CAT tools are able to analyze the source file and split it into segments based on internal logic. This allows for the identification of:

  • Very similar pieces of text, such as two sentences that only differ by a word or two, or have different punctuation
  • Repetitions, such as headers and footers in a document or presentation
  • Potentially non-translatable content, such as numbers, placeholders, or hyperlinks

To take advantage of cases like this, CAT tools save translated segments in a database, and offers them as suggestions the next time similar text is detected. If, for example, this sentence appeared on page 2 of a brochure:

Novilinguists has been offering language services since 1997.

The translator would translate it, save the segment in the database, and carry on to the next one. Then this sentence appears 50 pages later, or in another file:

Novilinguists has been offering translation and localization services since 1997.

The CAT tool would recognize the similarity to the previous sentence and suggest it to the translator, who would only need to change “language” to “translation and localization”. With the help of these tools, translators can work more quickly and accurately, with improved internal consistency. And this translates—if you'll excuse the pun—into benefits for you. Thanks to CAT tools, we can offer you high-quality translations that suit your budget.

To take full advantage of computer-assisted translation, let us take care of your job from the very start. We will handle the preparation, localization, and desktop publishing, so your content is ready to use as soon as we deliver it.


What CAT tools do we use?

We are proficient in the use of:

  • SDL Trados
  • XTM
  • Phrase
  • Smartling
  • MemoQ
  • GlobalLink
  • Lokalize
  • LingoHub
  • Weblate
  • SDL Passolo
  • Alchemy Catalyst
  • Idiom Desktop Workbench
  • Translation Workspace
  • Novell Localisation Workbench
  • Across
  • MateCat
  • ATMS
  • Google Translator Toolkit
  • ... and many others!

Even if your company uses a CAT tool that is not listed above, or your own proprietary translation software, please get in touch. We love learning to use new tools and can get up to speed in no time.


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