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Multimedia Engineering and Desktop Publishing

Multimedia engineering, i.e. preparing a media content, is one of the first steps in our workflow. Thanks to optical character recognition (OCR) technology, we can take any document, even a handwritten one, and prepare it so it can be used with a CAT (computer-assisted translation) tool. But support doesn't end when the translation step is complete—we also offer desktop publishing and functional testing. For example:

  • For documents, we make sure that the structure and formatting of the translated text matches the original.
  • For software and apps, we check for corrupted characters, menu options that are too long, and inoperable commands.
  • For websites, we check that all the links work and all the pages are displaying correctly.
  • For videos and video games, we check that on-screen text is legible and that the audio is synchronized with the images.

You don't need to do anything other than send your chosen content to us; We will take care of the entire process and deliver localized content that's ready for you to share.


Why should you choose our multimedia engineering and desktop publishing service?

The most advanced CAT tools can process a wide range of file formats, but that doesn't guarantee they will be perfectly segmented. As powerful as they are, these tools need users with good technical and analytical skills. For example, an expert user will know that certain formats require very specific settings, and how to exclude text that doesn't require translation. Trusting us with your content from the very early stages of a project means we can get the most out of our CAT tools for you.


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