Which file formats do we work with?

Translation is an activity that deals with written language, so you can take advantage of our localization service for any file containing text. Text files come in numerous formats, some of which must be specially prepared before they can be worked on using a CAT tool. Thanks to years of experience and practice in the industry, we’ve successfully developed a range of multimedia engineering and desktop publishing processes that allow us to localize files with the following extensions:


  • XLF



  • XLZ

  • IDML and INDD

  • TMX

  • TBX

  • TTX

  • TXT

  • XML

  • DITA

  • CSV

  • DOC and DOCX

  • XLS and XLSX

  • PPT and PPTX

  • HTML

  • PDF

  • PO

Is your multimedia content in a different format? Send us a sample and we’ll find a way to work with it.