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Localization experts
since 1997

If you choose our professional translation services, you can be sure you made the right choice in an increasingly competitive and globalized field. Translation can be likened to shooting a bow and arrow. If you know how to hold a bow, you can shoot an arrow. But that isn't enough to win a medal at the Olympics. Expert archers do much more than simply draw the bow and take aim. They choose the right trajectory for their distance from the target, they understand the different features of different bows, they keep a steady hand when the pressure is on, and they make the best shot possible with the arrows they are given.

Similarly, translating documentation for a product is essential in being able to market it abroad, but it's not enough to stand out from the competition. To successfully translate content, it is important to understand cultural nuances, how to process different files types in different tools, how to predict and solve technical problems, and how to optimize the available budget. In other words, you need expert archers. You need localization professionals.

Becoming an expert archer requires many hours of study and practice, but also passion, hard work, determination, teamwork, and opportunities to test yourself against the opposition. The same spirit is needed to become a localization professional, and it's with this spirit that we have been helping companies communicate across the globe since 1997.

When you trust us to localize your multimedia content, you get much more than a translated text. You can count on the expertise of both our internal team and our network of over 300 native linguists. You can count on us to use the most advanced CAT tools that process even lesser-known file formats, and to deliver top quality—on budget and on time. But, above all, you can count on a language services provider that has 300 clients all across the worldover twenty years of industry experience, and the desire to continue to learn and grow. Because there is only one thing harder than winning an Olympic gold medal: winning a second one.

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