Why ask to have a translation revised?

The localization process is often littered with obstacles: Every document, every piece of content, even every single sentence can present language, cultural, technical, and legal issues that are sometimes unique and often difficult to overcome. Relying on just one professional, no matter how skilled they are, isn’t enough to guarantee the quality of the final translation. It is always necessary to check that the text is:

  • Free from errors and inaccuracies in meaning

  • Consistent in terms of terminology, spelling, and structure

  • Grammatically correct

  • In line with the instructions provided by the client or industry standards

  • Natural, clear and easily understandable for the target audience

To avoid any quality issues, it is always better to entrust the revision to a partner with industry experience.


How can we help you guarantee the quality of your translated content?

As part of our standard workflow, all projects are reviewed and proofread by a second mother tongue linguist. Although if you used another supplier, this doesn’t mean that we can’t work together. If you’d like to make sure that your content has been translated accurately, we can offer you an impartial and professional third-party revision service to evaluate its quality and, if necessary, correct any errors. This way, you’ll be sure that your translations are perfect in every respect.


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