An unexplored route

Back in 1997, in Italy, terms such as “internationalization” and “localization” still sounded cryptic to anyone who wasn’t a specialist in the industry. The world of translation was changing thanks to the push from technological evolution. As rudimentary as they were, the first CAT tools marked a point of no return for the work of the translator, and they gradually became established as the new standard all over the world. Some people saw the change as a threat, while others saw it as an opportunity. Maurizia fell into the second category. Together with other partners, she sensed the potential of this revolution and decided to found a localization agency in Novi Ligure, the small town in Piedmont where she lived. Inspired by the place where she was born and raised, she decided to call it “Novilinguists,” a name that encapsulates the spirit, vision, and dream of the company: To put the global in touch with the local.

A new port, to sail even farther

The beginning was all uphill. The first jobs were difficult, there were lots of problems, and many errors, too. But there was also a strong desire to make things work, and from our small office with just four desks, we continued to work, stay committed, and think big. Over time, we gained the trust of more and more clients, the workload grew and so did our staff. After around 10 years, the office in Novi Ligure started to feel small for both the staff and our ambition. The time was right to tackle a new change: Moving the company to a big city. It wasn’t an easy choice. For some, it meant changing their lives, almost starting over from scratch. For others, coping with long days on the train, with all the problems that come with commuting. For everyone it meant giving up something, but in the end, no one gave up their journey with the company. In 2008, Novilinguists moved to Genoa.

Still sailing along, together

Genoa has always been an important commercial hub for Italy and Europe, and historically a meeting point between cultures. It’s a city with a maritime character: Resilient and proud, no stranger to hard work, and capable of withstanding the elements, and getting up when it gets knocked down. This spirit has guided us through economic crises, fluctuations in workload, internal ups and downs, and personal strains, and still it pushes us forward, always with the same enthusiasm, never forgetting where our journey began. Our real strength lies in our team: With our informal atmosphere, every individual is free to express their own personality while respecting others’. We support one another in emergencies and we work together toward a single aim: Continuing to make our company grow and to help you make yours grow, too.