Why use our transcription and subtitling service?


Videos are an increasingly important element for content marketing: Despite the fact that they require a higher budget on average, they offer a much higher return on investment than what’s offered by text-based content. They’re also a very useful training and educational tool: Who’s never searched for a video tutorial online? There are many benefits of including videos as part of a marketing strategy. To give just a few examples, it allows you to:

  • Illustrate a product’s characteristics in a practical context

  • Engage the final user with a more interesting and personalized experience

  • Enhance a company’s brand awareness

In order for your marketing campaign to be successful and reach as many people as possible, your entire global target audience must be able to understand the videos. To help you achieve this, we offer two specific services:

  • Transcription and subtitling. After transcribing and translating the script for your videos, we use functional testing to check that the localized subtitles are legible and in sync with the images.

  • Dubbing. Once the video script has been transcribed and localized, we choose the dubber with the most suitable voice for your audience and we record the audio at one of our partners’ studios.

If your marketing strategy also includes podcasts or other kinds of audio content, we can offer you a  professional or semi-professional recording service, depending on the final quality you need.


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