What are multimedia engineering and desktop publishing?

Multimedia engineering, or in other words, the preparation of multimedia content, is one of the first stages of our workflow. Thanks to optical character recognition (OCR) technology, we can even work on paper or handwritten documents using CAT tools. But our support doesn’t end once the translation is finished: Before returning the file to you, we also factor in a desktop publishing and functional testing stage. For example:

  • In documents, we check that the structure and formatting of the text are identical to how they were originally

  • In software and apps, we check for any corrupt characters, menu items that are too long, or commands that don’t work

  • On websites, we check that all the links work and that all the pages are displayed correctly

  • In videos and video games, we check that the onscreen text is legible and that the audio is in sync with the images

You just need to choose the content and send it to us: We’ll take care of the localization process from start to finish and return the content to you ready to be distributed.


Why use our multimedia engineering and desktop publishing service?

More advanced CAT Tools are able to process numerous file formats, but it’s not guaranteed that they will be segmented perfectly. As powerful as they are, these tools require technical skills and good analytical capacity: Some formats require special settings, and the software isn’t able to automatically exclude parts of the text that you don’t need in a document. Entrusting your content to us from the start will allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of assisted translation.


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