Which languages do we work with?

More than 7,000 languages are spoken in the world, although just 23 are enough to communicate with over half the world’s population. Having your texts translated into one of these languages is the first step toward increasing awareness of your brand abroad. However, investing in a localization service will allow you to promote your products as if they were created specifically for the countries in which you’ll be distributing them.

Thanks to our large database of partners, we can localize content from and to the following languages:

  • English, in all its variants (British, American, Australian, etc.)

  • French, Italian, German, and Spanish (FIGS), and Portuguese

  • Eastern European languages

  • Nordic languages

  • Latin American languages

  • Asian languages

We’re constantly selecting new linguists to enrich our database. If you need a particular combination, let us know which languages are involved and we’ll do our best to help you.